Sunday, June 26, 2011

Preparing for our new arrival!

Well, nothing ever goes as planned! I was hoping to have had at least a few more blog posts on here before we welcomed our little one, but that obviously did not happen. I did want to post at least one more time to provide you with an update. We are expecting our little bundle of joy on Tuesday and we can't wait! We are so excited to find out what we are having. The pregnancy had some unexpected bumps along the way, but I think everything is all worked out now!

Since we don't know the sex of the baby, I came up with some generic thank you cards. I thought I'd share these with you.  Currently, my shop is on vacation mode until I get adjusted, but I hope to be back up and running real soon as I miss it already! I also hope to be better at blogging and keeping you updated as well! I hope you're enjoying your summer and thank you for stopping by!

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